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Crack Injection Waterproofing

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crack injection

We have been doing crack injection waterproofing for over 8 years. 

We have done some incredibly difficult jobs & we know how to stop water.

We love the challenge of tackling the most technical crack injection waterproofing.

Trusted By The Best

We’ve been called in to stop water the following contruction companies & public institutions;

• Hansen and Yuncken •
• Taylors Constructions •
• ADCO Constructions •
• Sherrington Projects •
• Cushman & Wakefield •
• Skope Constructions •
• Sydney Beach Homes •
• St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School •
• Ramsay Oliver Construction •
• Rise Architectural Builders •
• Presbyterian Ladies College •
• Randwick Town Hall •
• Hines Constructions •
• Join Constructions •
• Secret Gardens •
• Unicus Homes •
• Shire Build •
(to name a few)

If you’d like any references, please feel free to ask.

Often our clients have been unable to fix their water ingress problems after multiple attempts using various methods. Then they speak to someone recommends us, and we fix it.

What is Crack Injection Waterproofing?

Crack Injection Waterproofing

Polyurethane Crack injection is the process of injecting a water reactive resin into cracks in concrete, block walls, brick walls & rock to help stop water ingress. 

Crack Injection uses a resin that turns into a flexible hydrophobic or hydrophilic foam when it is activated. The resin is injected under very high pressure to penetrate the cracks and fill voids in concrete.

One of the benefits of crack injection is that we can do it when there is flowing water. We do not need to wait for dry weather or for any leaks to stop before we commence resolving your problem.

Some Common uses of Crack Injection:


Basement Walls

Basement walls are prone to leaking and below ground waterproofing membranes can fail over time.

Crack injection is a solution that can be utilised when there is no access to the external of a basement wall and there is no choice but to stop the water penetration from the internal walls. 

Dincel & Rediwall


Dincel and Rediwall often leak due to poor waterproofing or installation methods. These plastic walls are tricky to install so there are no leaks.

We can inject dincel and rediwall to help stop the flow of water through the joints of the dincel or redwall. Common leak points are cold joints and wall transitions.



Carparks often have concrete slabs as ceilings have as couryards, driveways and gardens above. Due to the inaccessibility from above, we inject the cracks from the garage side, below.

Crack injection waterproofing can be done from below with little disturbance to the surrounding areas of the carpark in a short timeframe.


Expansion Joints

Often expansion joints allow water in from below. Hydrostatic pressure pushes the water out of the expansion joints during rain events.

Crack injection waterproofing is flexible so we can drill through the concrete and inject  through it to seal the expansion joints from below.



Penetrations in concrete like pipes, aircondioning and electrical conduits can allow water pass directly through a concrete slab.

By carefully drilling next to the penetration and injecting resin around the penetration, we can help prevent water ingress through these points which are allowing water to syphon through


Concrete Slip joints

Slip joints in concrete are used to allow for movement in large buildings to prevent cracking. Sometimes Slipjoints leak and can cause water damage.

Concrete crack injection waterproofing is flexible and can be used to stop water ingress through slip joints in a structure without ceasing the slip joint. This stops the water without compromising joint functionality.

Other uses for Crack Injection Waterproofing

Crack injection waterproofing can be used in any situation where there is a solid substrate that can support the high pressures of polyurethane injection. Crack injection needs a strong substrate like concrete or rock to function. We cannot usually inject soft substrates such as sand and cement beds.

If you have water ingress in a hard-to-get area in your building then crack injection waterproofing might be the solution for you.

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