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Money Back Guarantee


*Money back guarantee terms and conditions.

Money back guarantee applies if we cannot fix the specific problem we had been contracted to solve. If there is any issue with the job, we have 12 months from the date of the callback from a client to rectify the situation. If a job has multiple facets or areas, and only one part has not been achievable, then the money back guarantee will apply to that component or area only, and not the other components or areas which were successful. We not not leave our cusomers hanging and we will bend over backwards to try and leave our customers happy and with their problems resolved.

Money back guarantee applies to residential customers only, and does not include strata, builders, government or commercial customers. For strata, builders, government or commercial customers the 50 year warranty still applies.

Further details about your specific job will be outlined within your quotation. 

Full details about product warranty will also be outlined in your quotation and a certificate of warranty will be issues at the time of your job’s completion.

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